Articles of Interest to City Managers

Employment Agreement Checklist
June 1, 2017

You just received the Employment Agreement for your new City Manager position. It most likely is a retread from your predecessor. You may wonder if it is “OK.” Does it comply with the law? Are its provisions good for you?

Or, perhaps you have been working under an Employment Contract for some time. You may wonder what provisions should now be added, eliminated, or revised.

This checklist will help you sort through these issues, plus many more!

City Manager Separation FAQ (Coming Soon)
September, 2017 

This valuable and informative guidebook explains a highly-successful approach to obtaining, evaluating and improving City Manager severance deals.

A few of the topics covered are:

  • What kind of severance is typical?
  • How to get a severance package.
  • Assessing your leverage to improve the deal.
  • The value of non-cash elements of a severance package.
City Manager Separation Agreements (Coming Soon)
Jan, 2018

More info coming soon!