Articles of Interest to City Managers

Keeping Council Members in Check

Council Members overstepping their bounds, by interfering with the City Manager's authority and duties.  That's the number one complaint we hear from city administrators who are experiencing a hostile work environment.   (click to continue) 

Just a Little More Time

Your Employment agreement is up for renegotiation.  As you review your existing agreement and go through the checklist of items that give you concern, take a look at the provision that protects you from termination before or following an election.  Is there any reason to change that provision? Maybe there is! (click to continue)

City Manager Employment Contract, 25- Point Inspection

You just received the Employment Agreement for your new City Manager position. It is most likely a retread from your predecessor. You may wonder if it is “OK.” Does it comply with the law? Are its provisions good for you?  (click to continue)

Control the Communications

In the moment an adverse action is taken against you, it is imperative to get control of what will be said. When given an unacceptable performance review, placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, given notice of contract non-renewal, or terminated, your first thought must be to negotiate  (click to continue)