Who You Are

You most likely hold the title of City Manager or Department Head and work for a city within the state of California. Or, maybe you are a County Administrator, Officer of a Special District, Fire or Police Chief, Municipal Attorney, or Elected or Appointed Official.

You are probably in transition.  You may have been presented an employment agreement or a severance package. Or, you may be facing workplace challenges and may have been placed on administrative leave.

Perhaps like many of our clients, you may just be reviewing your current options. You're concerned that if you don't make wise choices, your professional and financial future may be in jeopardy. You need advice. You need direction. You need peace of mind. You need answers immediately.

Your Employer Has An Attorney - Shouldn't You?

As a public executive, the one thing you can count on is that your employer will use an attorney when dealing with your situation. Whether it be the City Attorney or outside counsel, your best bet is to even the odds by having a lawyer on your side, too. And not just any lawyer, but one with extensive public sector experience.